вторник, 9 февруари 2016 г.

Lace,lace,vintage lace...Wedding book.. Дантела в слонова кост, сватбена книга.

Hi, I am obviously addicted to lace...White lace,ivory lace,vintage lace,luxyry lace...I could spend all my day playing with real lace things,looking pictures of beautiful lace arrangements..Oh,so vintage, so French...
And the new wedding book- ivory lace and so much love...

This is my dream..Lace,lightly sparkling...
It is like a bijou..
 I hope,so much hope you could share my lace love:)
Enjoy it:)
And little experiment with colours..Which variant do you like much???

Love you all:)

You could find it in my Etsy, yes:)

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