сряда, 30 март 2016 г.

Blush pink set of beauties/Комплект в пепелно розово

My new set:)
 I've published the book before, but I like so much the set, I decided to show you it:)
And...here it is:

 The new box, mixed media decorated:)
And one little detail: guest book pen with the same colour paper flower: 
It is so rustic and romantic..Love it:)

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петък, 11 март 2016 г.

My new purple violet treasure box

Here it is, my new box, vintage of course..:)

With lace..oh, I think I really love the lace in my projects...
Beatifull image of violets...It is spring now..:)
And...I'm so excited from my new stencil of an old script...love,love,love it..i think now you'll see so many things with it..
And many handpainted relievo designs..
That's it:)
Do you think we have a new treasure now?

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