четвъртък, 26 май 2016 г.

Victorian rustic hangers

My love to create vintage and rustic items have no limits..Last night, while sleeping, I was dreaming crackles..Oh, my god:)
So here are my new victorian ornamented and rustic hangers:
Silver wedding dress hanger:
Blush and gold wedding dress hanger:

Pictures barely can show the real beauty of them..I love,love them:)

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сряда, 25 май 2016 г.

Blush and gold wooden box with ornaments

One new box I finished and send to its receiver...Gorgeous combination blush and gold..
Here it is:
 I think every woman will be sooo happy to have this treasure in her bedroom:)
 So romantic and vintage..And opened:
 I hope you like it, my friends:)
You could find it,you know , in my Etsy shop : https://www.etsy.com/shop/CottageVintageShabby?ref=hdr_shop_menu/

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петък, 20 май 2016 г.

Golden retro wedding lace book

as I had a lot of work the last two months, I couldn't manage to show you some of my last new items:)Those who follow my Etsy shop saw them, but here once more now..
You know, I so much love the lace books, and here's one I've had in pearl whate..Now I have an order for it in golden..Soo beautiful:

the covers:

I hope you like it, my friends:)

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