сряда, 11 октомври 2017 г.

Vintage...yet luxury...


I've been soo busy all the time, but now a piece of my work again:
Set in cream, gold and vintage roses...

The book with wooden covers...
The glasses..one of my favourite models:
They are perfect even for a rustic wedding, I think...
And of course a card box...:

Maybe you will love all of them:)


петък, 7 юли 2017 г.

White is for a Wedding

I haven't published anything for a while..But now I want a show you a set I've made for wedding..The bride gave me the box and the bottle to decorate them for her.The album I've made for their wedding photos:
 And the colour combination - white and gold...Classic,yes:)

I hope you like it:)

четвъртък, 20 април 2017 г.

Turquoise box


Here you could see the new turquoise box I've made for a little princess:)

I so much hope she will love her treasure box:)
I hope you ,friends,  like it too:)


вторник, 7 март 2017 г.

Wedding guest book in pale purple and sage green

I'm happy I found some time to publish here my new wedding guest book:
With wooden covers,
Paper flowers, and mix media decoration
It is rustic, but romantic also..

I hope you will love it:)