вторник, 15 декември 2015 г.

Golden peacock diary or wedding book - Златен паун сватбена книга

my last creation for the upcoming wedding season - a golden peacock weddimg book...
Soo, enjoy it:

This luxury wedding book will impress the guests of the peacock theme wedding:
 I do hope you like it:)
Thank you,
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събота, 5 декември 2015 г.

Vintage glass mugs,crowns and beauty

I think I forgot to show you one of my new creations,which are in my Etsy yet:)
Mugs..for coffe..for tea..for juice...for all this tiny pleasures ..
The vintage patina colours..

The ornaments..You could make the tea drinking in pure pleasure,yes?:)
The second model:
You know, I love to use crowns in my projects:)
A chair near the window..a book, a blanket ..and a cup of tea..Thats my image for a Sunday relax:)
Thank you all for visiting,
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