петък, 29 юли 2016 г.

Wedding Hangers in vintage and gold

Here are some new models of my hangers I just listed in Etsy..I really can imagine them with beautifull bride's and bridesmaids dresses on them...

This is the bride's one...
And for the bridesmaids..
I so much like the vintage look...with a bit of luxury due to the gold..
My style..I think:)
I do want to make my brides and their best friends happy:)

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четвъртък, 28 юли 2016 г.

Victorian gold and garnet album and a ring box

Hi, friends:)
As I was working hardly these days, now came the moment to show the results..:)
And ..one of them is these beautifull handmaded album..The album was a custom order, so its dimensions are 12.75 inches x 12.75 inches.

 You can see I used many technics here...
And it looks really fabulous:)
 It's back ...
And the ring box:
I think I made something really unique..as my client wanted to:)
 I hope you enjoyed your stay here:)


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