четвъртък, 4 юли 2019 г.

Gold and ivory wedding set - wedding card box, a guest book and a hanger

Today I decided to show you one my creation I made before several weeks for a bride:)
She was so happy with it and I think maybe you will like it , too:)

 This set I decorated with modelin, acrylic paints, and of course gold:) It is vintage, but in the same time luxury and is perfect for our wedding:)
I really hope you like it:)

 If you are interested, you could see my etsy shop:


Thank you,xxx


понеделник, 1 юли 2019 г.

Vintage wedding guest book

Hello, my dear friends:)
I work hardly, and apologize to all of you, who follow me..I was active in my etsy shop, but not so much here..
I want to show you one of my last created wedding guest book:)

It was custom made throughly ...every detail was required by the client:)
I hope she is happy with it:)
Maybe you like it, too;)

You could see it in my Etsy shop, too:



вторник, 20 ноември 2018 г.

Vintage roses utility holder

Now you could see my new designed utility holder:)
You know how much I love the vintage style...so its absolutely beautiful I used vintage roses to decorate it...
It is sooo suitable for a rustic...or vintage...or shabby chic kitchen...
I really hope you like it:)


четвъртък, 15 ноември 2018 г.


Here you are my new book...with sunflowers and roses:)

You could see the relievo ornaments, which give it sooo vintage look:)
Do you like the combination sunflower-roses?;)
I love the golden touches on it:) For a bit French look:)


понеделник, 19 февруари 2018 г.

Vintage decorated eyeglasses case

Hello, friends:)

I've decorated a eyeglasses case for a friend of mine who wanted one ordinary case...and wanted me to make it differenr and exclusive...

 So..my choice was for the fleur de lis decoration...
with vintage script..
And of course crackles and patina effects...

So do we get the WOW effect??:)

Thank you,

сряда, 11 октомври 2017 г.

Vintage...yet luxury...


I've been soo busy all the time, but now a piece of my work again:
Set in cream, gold and vintage roses...

The book with wooden covers...
The glasses..one of my favourite models:
They are perfect even for a rustic wedding, I think...
And of course a card box...:

Maybe you will love all of them:)


петък, 7 юли 2017 г.

White is for a Wedding

I haven't published anything for a while..But now I want a show you a set I've made for wedding..The bride gave me the box and the bottle to decorate them for her.The album I've made for their wedding photos:
 And the colour combination - white and gold...Classic,yes:)

I hope you like it:)

четвъртък, 20 април 2017 г.

Turquoise box


Here you could see the new turquoise box I've made for a little princess:)

I so much hope she will love her treasure box:)
I hope you ,friends,  like it too:)


вторник, 7 март 2017 г.

Wedding guest book in pale purple and sage green

I'm happy I found some time to publish here my new wedding guest book:
With wooden covers,
Paper flowers, and mix media decoration
It is rustic, but romantic also..

I hope you will love it:)


сряда, 9 ноември 2016 г.

Genuine leather..the new line..

Soo, finally I can show you here something extremely new in my practice-working with genuine leather..My first steps here in several projects...Trully, I love them all...If you want to know-it is not so hard to work with leather, but absolutely not east at all..Now I'm in process of buying some tools..And here are they-my red leather roses:
This is wood wall clock..many hand painting elements..and of course-the roses...
The photo frame.. The same line with the roses...
This is wooden covers album, which is suitable and for an wedding album..
And of course, shabby chic wedding dress hanger..
I do hope you like all of them:)
Please share and comment, I really need your support in this new field:)

Marinela, xx